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Reliability, quality, 2 years warranty

We work on our own production lines

We use domestic and European components

100 лучишх товаров России

Reliable tire recycling equipment

Eco Gold 400 Mini, Euro

Производительность: до 400 кг/ч
Для городов с населением
150-300 тыс. человек

Eco Gold 550 Classic, Euro

Производительность: до 550 кг/ч
Для городов с населением
от 500 тыс. человек

Eco Gold 700, Euro

Производительность: до 700 кг/ч
Для городов с населением
500-1000 тыс. человек

Eco Gold 700 Practic, Euro

Производительность: до 700 кг/ч
Для больших габаритов резины

Eco Gold 1100, Euro

Производительность: до 1100 кг/ч
Для городов с населением
1-1,5 млн. человек

Eco Gold 1400, Euro

Производительность: до 1400 кг/ч
Для городов с населением
1-1,5 млн. человек

Eco Gold 1400 Practic, Euro

Производительность: до 1400 кг/ч
Для городов с населением
1-1,5 млн. человек

Eco Gold 4000 Super

Производительность: до 4000 кг/ч
Для городов с населением
от 1,5-3 млн человек

Hydraulic shears


Production line for coating with Eco Gold Plit rubber crumb

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Why you choose our equipment

EcoGold Standart equipment has no defects and is reliable in operation. Equipment warranty: 2 years
EcoGold Standart Line is ready for work in severe conditions of a range from –20 +50 degrees Celsius
The Line structurally has a strength reserve that allows to work around the clock in an uninterrupted cycle
The EcoGold Standard equipment can work successfully recycling tires of all sizes, including those of Russian production
The equipment is manufactured in Novosibirsk and developed by the EcoGold Standart Design Division
The equipment is a flexible configurated system, it can be installed in the premises of any shape.
Our company became the winner of the XXI All-Russian Program Competition "100 best goods of Russia" in the nomination "Production of industrial and technical purposes"

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Important characteristics of the equipment

  • All equipment is fully automated
  • The equipment is secured by various degrees of protection against overloads, unstable voltage and improper operation
  • The Line structurally has a strength reserve that allows to work around the clock in an uninterrupted cycle, with almost no breakdowns
  • The equipment is provided with an efficient system of prearrangement which helps to successfully recycle many kinds of rubber articles
  • The equipment is easy to repair and maintain
  • The Lines do not require additional communication for mechanisms cooling
  • Operating components of the production line are easily replaced without requiring a long shutdown of the equipment. The production cost will significantly cover the cost of the operating components
  • The equipment has low power consumption compared to Russian and foreign analogues
  • The equipment shall occupy a small area and does not require large industrial premises
  • The equipment does not require involvement of highly qualified personnel. Only the qualified engineering support is required
  • The Lines output a prime quality product that meets all international norms and standards

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Areas of use of rubber crumb

Construction companies for the production of rubber tiles or roofing
Manufacturers of sports coverings for training fields and playgrounds
Manufacturers of tires
Shoe factories
Manufacturers of plumbing
Manufacturers of asphalt mixtures
Oil industry (sorbent for recovery of crude oil from the surface of the water and soil, plugging of oil wells, etc.)
This branch of industry is supported by the State, therefore, in order to promote your business you can contact the local authorities

How we work

Leave an application on the website.
The Manager will call you to appoint a time for the presentation of the line.
You will come to the presentation of the line, agree details.
You will sign the Contract, pay the prepayment of 25%.
We shall produce a line according to the Contract terms & conditions.
We shall perform an acceptance of the line, shipping and delivery to you.
You will pay the remaining 75%.
We shall perform an installation supervision of the line, training and commissioning.

Expert opinion

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Chief Sales Manager

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